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Emily in Paris Season 4 Trailer Shows Emily Moving On In Her Love Life Democrats hope to use crisis to transform election Olympics 2024: Meet the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team Heading to Paris Troy Aikman, Lamar Jackson battling over trademark use of No. 8 CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz Apologizes Amid Massive Tech Outage The Best Prime Day Deals on Fire TVs You Can Still Shop Britney Spears Slams Ozzy Osbourne After He Claims to be ‘Fed Up’ With Her Dancing Videos Britney Spears Slams Osbourne Family Over Critique of Her Dance Videos Whoopi Goldberg Shares Cheeky Story Behind Her Stage Name Cyanide found in blood of Bangkok hotel victims

USA Olympic track and field trials live results: Updated winners to make 2024 men’s and women’s teams

The U.S. will undoubtedly send another sizable track and field delegation to the Olympics this summer. But almost every spot will have to be earned with a strong showing at the Olympic track and field trials from June 21-30.

The trials are underway from Hayward Field at the University of Oregon. For many of the Olympic hopefuls, a top-three finish in their respective event will be enough to secure a spot — as long as they meet Olympic qualifying standards.

Even if they don’t meet the standard, they could still make the cut if they are high enough in World Athletics’ world rankings. The full U.S. Olympic track and field delegation might not be set until July 7, a week after the trials, as athletes wait on the final rankings ahead of the Summer Games.

For the most part, though, the Olympic trials in Eugene will determine which track and field athletes are headed to Paris to represent the United States.

Some of the nation’s brightest stars, including Sha’Carri Richardson and Noah Lyles, are competing to secure their spots on the world’s biggest stage, which puts all eyes on Hayward Field over the final days of June.

The Sporting News is tracking live results from the USA Olympic track and field trials. Follow along with updates from each event.

MORE: Watch USA Olympic track and field trials live with Fubo (free trial)

Who is on the USA Olympic track and field team?


  • Leonard Korir
  • Conner Mantz
  • Clayton Young
  • Dakotah Lindwurm
  • Fiona O’Keeffe
  • Emily Sisson

Men’s 10,000m

  • Grant Fisher
  • Woody Kincaid
  • Nico Young

Men’s Shot Put

  • Ryan Crouser
  • Joe Kovacs
  • Payton Otterdahl

Men’s Decathlon

  • Heath Baldwin
  • Zach Ziemek
  • Harrison Williams

Women’s 100m

  • Sha’Carri Richardson
  • Melissa Jefferson
  • Twanisha Terry

Women’s Hammer Throw

  • Annette Echikunwoke
  • DeAnna Price

Men’s Pole Vault

  • Sam Kendricks
  • Chris Nilsen
  • Jacob Wooten

Men’s Javelin throw

  • Curtis Thompson
  • Capers Williamson
  • Donavon Banks

Women’s 400m

  • Kendall Ellis
  • Aaliyah Butler
  • Alexis Holmes

Men’s 100m

  • Noah Lyles
  • Kenny Bednarek
  • Fred Kerley

Men’s 1500m

  • Cole Hocker
  • Yared Nuguse
  • Hobbs Kessler

Women’s High Jump

  • Rachel Glenn
  • Vashti Cunningham

Men’s 400m

  1. Quincy Hall
  2. Michael Norman
  3. Chris Bailey

This section will be updated as athletes punch their ticket to Paris at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials.

USA Olympic track and field trials results

Follow below for complete results from each event finals during the U.S. Olympic track and field trials, sorted by day:

Friday, June 21

Men’s 10,000m

Place Athlete Time
1 Grant Fisher 27:49:47
2 Woody Kincaid 27:50.74
3 Nico Young 27:52.40
4 Drew Hunter 27:53.35
5 Casey Clinger 27:59.71
6 Conner Mantz 28:00.90
7 Sam Chelanga 28:04.36
8 Andrew Colley 28:05.05
9 Ryan Ford 28:08.72
10 Paul Chelimo 28:18.31

Saturday, June 22

Women’s Triple Jump

Place Athlete Jump
1 Jasmine Moore 14.26
2 Keturah Orji 14.02
3 Tori Franklin 13.72
4 Imani Oliver 13.70
5 Xiamara Young 13.51
6 Titiana Marsh 13.49
7 Euphenie Andre 13.38
8 Ryann Porter 13.27

Men’s Shot Put

Place Athlete Distance
1 Ryan Crouser 22.84
2 Joe Kovacs 22.43
3 Payton Otterdahl 22.26
4 Jordan Geist 21.79
5 Josh Awotunde 21.77
6 Roger Steen 21.51
7 Tripp Piperi 21.05
8 Tarik O’Hagan 20.98
9 T’Mond Johnson 20.58
10 Patrick Larrison 19.83
11 Jordan West 19.71
12 Nikolas Curtiss 19.47

Men’s Decathlon 1500m

Place Athlete Score
1 Heath Baldwin 8625
2 Zach Ziemek 8516
3 Harrison Williams 8384
4 Devon Williams 8211
5 Jack Flood 8178
6 Austin West 8018
7 Samuel Black 7952
8 Ryan Talbot 7872
9 Joseph Delgado 7816
10 Hunter Jones 7706

Women’s 100m

Place Runner Time
1 Sha’Carri Richardson 10.71
2 Melissa Jefferson 10.80
3 Twanisha Terry 10.89
4 Tamari Davis 10.91
5 Aleia Hobbs 10.93
6 Tamara Clark 10.95
7 Candace Hill 11.00
8 Jenna Pradini 11.02
9 Anavia Battle 11.12

Sunday, June 23

Women’s Hammer Throw

Place Athlete Distance
1 Annette Echikunwoke 74.68
2 DeAnna Price 74.52
3 Erin Reese 71.21
4 Rachel Tanczos 70.98
5 Janeah Stewart 70.34
6 Janee Kassanavoid 69.46
7 Shelby Frank 68.68
8 Madi Malone 67.25

Men’s Pole Vault

Place Athlete Distance
1 Sam Kendricks 5.92
2 Chris Nilsen 5.87
  Jacob Wooten 5.87
4 Keaton Daniel 5.82
5 Matt Ludwig 5.72
6 Zachery Bradford 5.62
  Luke Windser 5.62
8 Nathan Richartz 5.62

Men’s Javelin Throw

Place Athlete Distance
1 Curtis Thompson 83.04
2 Capers Williamson 79.57
3 Donavon Banks 79.19
4 Dash Sirmon 76.83
5 James Kotowski 75.69
6 Jordan Davis 75.10
7 David Friedberg 75.06
8 Marc Anthony Minichello 73.07

Women’s 400m

Place Athlete Time
1 Kendall Ellis 49.46
2 Aaliyah Butler 49.71
3 Alexis Holmes 49.78
4 Kaylyn Brown 50.07
5 Quanera Hayes 50.55
6 Isabella Whittaker 50.68
7 Lynna Irby-Jackson 50.74
8 JaMeesia Ford 50.80

Men’s 100m

Place Runner Time (seconds)
1 Noah Lyles 9.83
2 Kenny Bednarek 9.87
3 Fred Kerley 9.88
4 Christian Coleman 9.93
5 Christian Miller 9.98
6 Courtney Lindsey 10.02
7 Brandon Hicklin 10.03
8 Kendal Williams 10.04
9 JT Smith 10.22

Monday, June 24

Women’s High Jump

Place Athlete Jump
1 Charity Hufnagel 1.94
2 Rachel Glenn 1.94
3 Vashti Cunningham 1.91
4 Jenna Rogers 1.91
5 Sanaa Barnes 1.88
6 JaiCieonna Gero-Holt 1.88

Men’s Long Jump

Place Athlete Jump
1 Jeremiah Davis 8.20
2 Malcolm Clemons 8.18
3 Jarrion Lawson 8.18
4 Johnny Brackins 8.17
5 Isaac Grimes 8.11
6 Steffin McCarter 8.10
7 Cameron Crump 8.08
8 Jason Smith 7.87

Men’s 1500m

Place Athlete Time
1 Cole Hocker 3:30.59
2 Yared Nuguse 3:30.86
3 Hobbs Kessler 3:31.53
4 Vincent Ciattei 3:31.78
5 Nathan Green 3:32.20
6 Henry Wynne 3:32.94
7 Joe Waskom 3:33.74
8 Elliott Cook 3:33.84

Men’s 400m

Place Athlete Time
1 Quincy Hall 44.17
2 Michael Norman 44.41
3 Chris Bailey 44.42
4 Vernon Norwood 44.47
5 Bryce Deadmon 44.61
6 Quincy Wilson 44.94
7 Khaleb McRae 45.06
8 Matthew Boling 45.15
9 Justin Robinson 46.08

Women’s 5000m

Place Athlete Time
1 Elle St. Pierre 14:40.34
2 Elise Cranny 14:40.36
3 Karissa Schweizer 14:45.12
4 Parker Valby 14:51.44
5 Whittni Morgan 15:05.53
6 Allie Buchalski 15:12.87
7 Ellie Donaghu 15:14.27
8 Taylor Roe 15:15.37

Women’s 800m

Place Athlete Time

Thursday, June 27

Women’s Discus Throw

Place Athlete Distance

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase

Place Athlete Time

Friday, June 28

Men’s 110m Hurdles

Place Athlete Time

Saturday, June 29

Men’s 20km Race Walk

Place Athlete Time

Women’s 20km Race Walk

Place Athlete Time

Men’s Discus Throw

Place Athlete Distance

Women’s Long Jump

Place Athlete Jump

Women’s 200m

Place Athlete Time

Women’s Shot Put

Place Athlete Score

Women’s 10,000m

Place Athlete Time

Men’s 200m

Place Athlete Time

Sunday, June 30

Women’s Pole Vault

Place Athlete Score

Men’s Hammer Throw

Place Athlete Distance

Men’s High Jump

Place Athlete Jump

Men’s Triple Jump

Place Athlete Jump

Women’s Javelin Throw

Place Athlete Distance

Men’s 5000m

Place Athlete Time

Men’s 800m

Place Athlete Time

Women’s 100m Hurdles

Place Athlete Time

Women’s 1500m

Place Athlete Time

Men’s 400m Hurdles

Place Athlete Time

Women’s 400m Hurdles

Place Athlete Time

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